Finally! Someone is Penalized For Threatening Trump

Finally! Someone is Penalized For Threatening Trump


In a FIRST OF ITS KIND EVENT.  A LIBERAL was sanctioned for doing what Liberals have been doing since November, THREATENING Death and Violence against President Trump. Kathy Griffin, knowing full well what she was doing, photographed herself holding a mock head of President Trump, severed and bloodied for the world to see.

This has been going on for MONTHS.  Madonna, Calvin Broadus (aka SNOOP DOG) and many other celebrities have been making innuendo, overtures and flat out THREATS against the life of President Trump.  Yet nothing ever happened to them…

Perhaps it was the gruesome image, or perhaps liberals saw an easy chance to “self-promote” by squashing a F list celebrity, but they all came out in a show of force to DENOUNCE Griffin and virtue signal by proclaiming what she did was WRONG and sickening ..etc.  Imagine that…ANDERSON COOPER and DON LEMON proclaiming *ANYTHING* as “wrong and sickening”…..

Imagine that!…ANDERSON COOPER and DON LEMON proclaiming something as “wrong and sickening”…..

So the dominoes began to fall and in the end, Griffin was FIRED from CNN, Released as a representative for Squatty Potty (ask Anderson Cooper), and all her Tour Dates were cancelled.  What else could go wrong?  Well since you asked…there is a little matter of THREATENING THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES and perhaps being Charged with a Felony!

Poor Cathy is beside herself.  She did a press conference on Friday June 2 and she made matters FAR worse.  She and her Attorney blamed TRUMP and his family for Bullying HER!!  See the video.  Needless to say this has not helped her situation.

Perhaps if she can keep herself out of JAIL she might be able to become a Wal-mart Greeter if she can keep the Cussing and the Trump bashing to a minimum.

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