Who is More MORAL? Anderson Cooper or TRUMP?


Anderson Cooper has YET AGAIN “Come out of the Closet” by making statements that out him as a Trump Hater.  In an exchange with Jeffrey Lord on CNN, Anderson basically says that Trump calling (ex FBI Director) Comey a nutcase is indefensible. Jeffrey Lord stood his ground,  saying that Donald Trump is the President of the United States and he can say whatever it is that he wishes. (And he is correct about that.) Anderson then counters that “if Donald Trump took a dump on his desk that Jeffrey Lord would defend it.” (This from CNN?!?!?)

We say, TRUMP is FAR more “MORAL” than YOU ANDERSON!

Here is something LORD CERTAINLY WONT DEFEND Anderson:

  1. He wont defend A MAN allowing another man stick to *anything* up his BEHIND.  Or
  2. A Man Letting himself be SPANKED ONSTAGE. Or
  3. Accepting an PRIZE from MADONNA for being an  “UNAPOLOGETIC BITCH”
    (and Guess what the Prize was,  A BANANA!)
  4. Giving the MIDDLE FINGER GESTURE in Public!

Judging from your gleeful acceptance of the PRIZE, I guess we all agree that you *are* a little “BITCH” RIGHT ANDERSON?

Anderson Accepting a BANANA as an Award for being a BITCH!

Watch the ENTIRE Vid HERE

Anderson Cooper Getting Spanked!
Is That ANDERSON Cooper of CNN with a bunch of GAY MEN Giving the Middle FINGER?!??!?!?

See this bonus Video of ANDERSON in a GAY LEATHER SHOP   Bonus