Waters Call For Impeachment Proves Media Double Standards!

Waters Call For Impeachment Proves Media Double Standards!


What kind of a RACIST DOUBLE STANDARD is it when a BLACK Female can oppose The President Simply because he is WHITE?  Maxine Waters has stated that she wants the President Impeached and this is her goal.  If she has a charge, she should present it, otherwise she should be thrown out off congress for RACIST actions.  Where would it have been acceptable for any WHITE congressman to OPENLY AND DEFINITIVELY claim that they wanted OBAMA impeached for ANY REASON from the FIRST DAY IN OFFICE, and recieve sympathetic press coverage from the MAINSTREAM MEDIA?!?!  Any WHITE congressman acting in that manner would be branded a RABID RACIST.  Maxine Waters does this with while BLACK and FEMALE and no one is willing to stand up to her because to do so is to be labeled SEXIST OR RACIST or both…because she posseses these natural defenses against criticism.  Its utterly ridiculous.