Greetings Trump family,
If you have not yet figured this out, the Washington Post is not your friend. Every day the Washington Post writes some new article about Donald Trump which is designed to attempt to destroy his credibility, and destroy his administration. They don’t even try and hide it. Although this is not new I figured it was worth repeating because it seems as though they’ve stepped up their attacks to a new level in the last few months since Trump has taken office. They’ve pretty much always attacked Donald Trump. The difference now seems to be that they make themselves a part of the story on a daily basis now and make statements that no journalistic organization could viably do and pretend to be a real news organization. You practically need not go any further than the headlines. This would not be so bad except for one thing, the majority of news organizations all across the United States basically use the Washington Post as a standard-bearer from which to gain information. This is why it seems as though the entire world is piling on Donald Trump, when nothing is further from the case. In other words you have one organization and everyone basically copying them and it gives the impression that the entire world is crashing down when in reality there is a huge body of people who don’t necessarily agree with his view point.
All this can be quite infuriating. It insults my intelligence to read opinion pieces being masqueraded as news. It is further upsetting because it seems as though they are telling me what to think. The whole paper amounts to nothing but garbage at this point. The fact that the newspaper is still standing is a testimony to Donald trumps ability to maintain his composure because a lesser man would’ve sent a drone strike to destroy the entire place. We surely would have; and make no mistake, it’s not about trying to silence them, because they can say whatever they want to say, but don’t try and masquerade it as official news and you can’t be the standard-bearer for journalistic integrity when all you are is nothing but a partisan, political, hack organization.
We support you Pres. Trump! Stay focused on doing what we hired you do. No weapon formed against the righteous will prosper.