At this point I am extremely tired of what is going on on a daily basis in this country. I’m also convinced even more every day that electing fTrump was the absolute right thing to do. I can say without a doubt that no president has ever been more opposed than Donald Trump is now. People may claim that Obama was opposed, and that would be a true statement, but it would not compare to the sheer amount of opposition that Donald Trump battles on a daily basis. Trump battles people from his own party, the news media, the opposition party, Hollywood, foreign leaders and elites around the world daily. It would seem that nothing is changed even though Trump has been elected at this point. Make no mistake, this opposition is not due to anything logical, with the exception of foreign leaders who have opposing interests. This opposition is basically due to the fact that people are still upset that Trump is our leader. At this point I don’t think that these people are ever going to get over it. Even though it’s only been three weeks it seems like it’s been three years already. And this is going to make for a long long long four years. Every day the news media makes it seem as though nuclear weapons are being dropped on the United States. They say things like Trump slams this person or that person. Then when you read the article it wasn’t necessarily anything bad, Trump just gave an opinion that disagreed with that someone. What they want to do is stir up so much chaos that Trump can’t lead. Unfortunately they have not learned any of the lessons of the past year and a half. Trump is not a man who gives up easily. In fact he is not a man who gives up at all. And why would he? he’s winning at every turn.
The bottom line is, he is our leader, and there are millions upon millions of people who believe in him and who trust him and who want him to do the things that he is doing. We are in that group. If you are not in that group then you will have to be patient and wait your turn and see if you can get a candidate to defeat him in four years. But the way your acting right now I seriously doubt it.