Alleged BLM Leader Disgraced After What He Did With a Boy Comes Out… and So Much More

    CNN Refuses To Show This Hillary Video
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    As someone who would once have listed “Annie Hall” as his favorite movie of all time, there’s an important lesson I think everyone should know: Be very careful who you lionize.

    Certain members of #TheResistance are finding that lesson out the hard way.

    The name Micah Rhodes may not ring any bells for you, but for residents of Portland, Oregon, he’s considered a sort of folk hero among activists.

    In the wake of the unrest that began with Michael Brown’s shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, Rhodes became the self-appointed spokesman of Portland’s Resistance, someone who appeared regularly at demonstrations, on the news and even at press conferences with city officials. The group liaised with other radical groups, including Black Lives Matter. Here he is in November of 2016 with Mayor Charlie Hales and Police Chief Mike Marshman, trying to calm tensions after the presidential election didn’t go Portlandia’s way:

    As you can see, Rhodes liked the spotlight. He liked stirring the pot and agitating for leftist causes. He liked making himself known and making a name for himself — which, in the climate of the Trump era, was certainly not a difficult task. He liked being hailed as a hero — again, not a difficult task if you lived in Oregon and were willing to shout loudly about the perfidies of one Donald Trump.

    Unfortunately for Rhodes, he also liked 14-year-old girls and underage boys, and not just in a platonic sense. Now, the face of Portland’s Resistance will be a face on Portland’s sex offender registry — as soon as he gets out of jail, that is.

    “A Washington County Circuit Court jury on Friday found Portland activist Micah Rhodes guilty of second-degree sexual abuse of an underage girl,” the Oregonian reported last week.

    “The jury’s 10-2 verdict came after a 1.5-day trial. Rhodes, once a prominent organizer of Portland’s Resistance, is now 24.

    “He was 20 at the time he had sex with the girl in January 2014. Her age isn’t listed in court papers, but investigators said she was younger than 18 then and unable to consent because of her age.”

    Oh, and that’s not all: “Rhodes faces accusations that he had sexual contact with a 17-year-old boy when Rhodes was 20 or 21 in Gresham and in Troutdale,” the Oregonian reports. Apparently, Rhodes met the underage man on a dating app and now “faces faces four counts of second-degree sexual abuse and one count of third-degree sexual abuse.”

    CNN Refuses To Show This Hillary Video
    CNN Refuses To Show This Hillary Video

    It also may not surprise you that at the time of his arrest, Rhodes was already a registered sex offender.

    The moral voice of a generation right here, folks.

    Rhodes’ fall from grace was swift. Before he was charged in February of 2017, the Oregonian notes, “Rhodes was frequently seen at marches and sitting in on meetings at Portland City Hall. He also was a leader of Portland’s Resistance, a group that formed after Donald Trump won the presidential election in November 2016. He helped organize people during night after night of protests immediately after Trump’s victory.”

    Now, it seems the only “resistance” Rhodes is going to be involved in will be trying to stay out of the slammer for an extended period of time. Prosecutors are recommending anything between two and two and a half years, although the judge can impose up to a five-year sentence if the prosecution can argue that Rhodes’ crime was “particularly egregious.”

    Alas, even if Rhodes manages to get five years in the slammer, that doesn’t mean he can bypass the entirety of Trump’s administration — at least, if he gets re-elected. There are plenty of good reasons to re-elect Trump, and this one certainly seems to be a bit petty, but I just love the idea of this pervert spending year after year stewing in a cell in the segregated sex-offender ward of an Oregonian prison, only to get himself released and realize that, yes, Donald Trump is still his president and he’s still going to be wearing an ankle bracelet for a long time.

    Either way, bon voyage, Mr. Rhodes. You certainly deserve the taxpayer-funded trip you’re about to receive. If only Woody Allen could join you.

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