At 2008 Party, Today’s “Shocked” Media Delighted in Lauer’s Sexcapades

At 2008 Party, Today’s “Shocked” Media Delighted in Lauer’s Sexcapades

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During a roast of recently terminated NBC anchor Matt Lauer at the Friars Club in 2008, a number of prominent media figures and executives —- including CNN chief Jeff Zucker, who at the time was the president and CEO of NBC Universal — howled in laughter as roasters made raunchy jokes about Lauer’s widely known sexual habits.

Keep in mind this roast occurred nine years before Lauer was finally outed publicly for his “inappropriate sexual behavior” and sent packing by NBC.

“The whole theme was that he does the (‘Today’) show and then he has sex with people, with employees,” MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, who reportedly attended the roast but left early because the jokes made him uncomfortable (smart decision), pointed out last week on “Morning Joe,” according to Fox News.

“So was this whispered behind closed doors?” he added. “No. It was shouted from the mountaintops and everybody laughed about it.”

He wasn’t exaggerating either. The roast brimmed with crude and frankly disgusting sex jokes that all hinted at Lauer’s deplorable behavior. A partial transcript can be viewed here, but be warned, some of the material is very graphic.

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According to Fox, which compiled some of the dirtiest jokes, Lauer himself hinted at his sexual escapades with fellow co-workers.

But as noted by John Nolte on Breitbart, the issue at hand isn’t about crude jokes, since roasts are invariably full of dirty humor … for better or worse.

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“The issue is this — something else these roasts are known for is TRUTH,” Nolte wrote. “These roasts are all about in-jokes, about being in the club, in-the-know, an insiders-insider who knows the honoree — in this case Lauer — well enough to take shots at who they really are.”

And “(e)verybody knew about Matt Lauer,” he added. “Of course they did. And behind closed doors, where no one thought the rest of us would ever find out, and because they are not the victims, the preyed upon, the woman being bent over a chair and ‘harassed’ until she passed out, NBC’s elites bonded over the hilarity of it all.”

That’s the point.

Despite all the feigned shock and outrage from the media over allegations Lauer has been sexually harassing women for years, it’s clear now nearly everybody in the media had known, including Zucker, who claimed otherwise last week.

“There was never a suggestion of that kind of deviant, predatory behavior,” Zucker told The New York Times. “Not even a whisper of it, nothing like that.”

Yeah, right …

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Not even a whisper — except for the Friars Club roast, and who knows where else.

Leave it to the chief of “fake news” CNN to lie through his teeth. Have you no shame, sir? Apparently not.

And FYI, neither does anyone else who participated in and laughed at the sick and disgusting (but highly revealing) jokes told at Lauer’s roast nine years ago, in my opinion.

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