CNN Calls All Trump Voters Racists…Then Gets Letter They Never See Coming

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    CNN has repeatedly labeled those who support President Donald Trump as either Nazis, tacit supporters of racism, or white supremacists — and one attorney has had enough. Now, CNN may be in for a world-class beating in court.

    Joni Turner describes herself as an “attorney by trade, American citizen by right,” but it’s her trade that has her thinking about making a landmark case for the rights of all American citizens to not be unduly labeled by a news corporation.

    According to various live videos and content on her website, Our Take Down, Turner lets it be known that she and other Americans have had enough of the defamation of their character by the news giant.

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    “It is time to hold CNN accountable. I am using every avenue available to Legally go after CNN for using their ‘Fake’ News Platform to ‘Defame’ ‘Bully’ ‘Target’ and ‘Destroy’ Conservative Americans,” a message on her website read.

    In one of Turner’s Periscope videos, posted to Twitter on August 27, the attorney read part of a cease and desist letter that she drafted to send to CNN.

    She also opened the floor to other Americans who feel unfairly targeted by the news corporation allowing them to join an upcoming civil lawsuit.

    “Within minutes of the websites launch there were 600 who had signed up and by yesterday (Friday), in less than 48 hours, just under 10,000 had joined the movement! This morning as I write this article that number has skyrocketed and she estimates that there will be 20,000 by Sunday!” The Liberty Beacon reported.

    Currently there is no pending case. However, Turner has said that she treats every potential case as if it is going to trial. The cease and desist letter was the beginning. Now, with thousands joining a potential class-action suit, this could be a real legal headache for the Clinton News Network.

    Americans are tired of being lied to and lied about, they don’t want fake news and they do not want to be unfairly targeted by a corporation that calls themselves “the most trusted name in news.”

    We will see how this develops.

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