Trump Supporter Unleashes Hell After Being Bashed With a Sign



    Trump Supporter Unleashes Hell After Being Bashed With a Sign

    Liberals are still gathering at rallies in an attempt to make their “resistance” heard, despite the fact that just about everyone is sick and tired of their constant whining about President Donald Trump winning the election.

    At a rally held Saturday in Hollywood, though, liberals protesting were even worse than usual.

    Anti-Trump protesters showed up to counter protest a pro-Trump march that had already been going on for about two hours in front of the Highland shopping complex in Hollywood.

    An anti-Trump liberal thought it might be a good idea to slap a Trump supporter with his sign, but seconds later learned it was a bad idea to do so.

    Video of the incident revealed just what a bad idea it was, as the Trump supporter he smacked with his sign threw a punch that knocked him off his feet.

    The Los Angeles Times reported that Trump supporters began gathering around shopping complex around 1 p.m.

    Take a look at the skirmish here. Things get really ugly, really fast.

    The Times reported that the anti-Trump protest was organized by RefuseFacism, which claims that Trump and Vice president Mike Pence are facists and whose mission is to “drive out” the Trump/Pence regime.

    They do this in the name of humanity, of course, and their website describes this summer as one of struggle as it encouraged people to sit in, disrupt and “don’t give the fascists a moment of peace.”

    Oh, boy.

    It could be a long summer — and a painful one if these liberal protesters continue to instigate fights. And however you might feel that the pro-Trump demonstrator should not have lashed out, there’s no denying that the man with the started the confrontation.

    The moral of this story is to not hit people with your sign if you are not prepared to get hit in return.

    Maybe this guy learned a lesson here.

    H/T GOP the Daily Dose

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