Chuck Schumer Slipping in the Polls

Chuck Schumer Slipping in the Polls

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Chuck Schumer Gets Bad News in Latest New York Poll

Ever since he took over the role of Senate minority leader, Democrat New York Sen. Chuck Schumer has made it clear that his chief mission is to obstruct and delay the implementation of President Donald Trump’s agenda at every turn.

While that may be thrilling to the rabid anti-Trump segment of the Democrat party base, it isn’t sitting particularly well with party moderates and most certainly isn’t winning Schumer any new fans among independents or Republicans.

It also seems to be affecting his popularity among voters in his home state, according to a new poll from Siena College, which revealed that Schumer’s approval rating has dropped across the board.

Schumer drew an approval rating of only 53 percent among New Yorkers in July — his lowest ever in this particular poll — down from 57 percent in May and way down from the 67 percent approval he enjoyed in December 2016, right after the election but prior to his assumption of the obstructionist minority leader role.

Conversely, the senator was viewed unfavorably by 37 percent of Empire State voters — also a record for this poll — up from 33 percent disapproval in May and only 23 percent unfavorable in December.

The New York Daily News reported that Schumer’s popularity had certainly dropped among Republicans (roughly 66 percent disapproval) and independents (45 – 44 percent favorable versus unfavorable) in the state, but remarkably had also fallen among Democrats as well, falling from 77 percent approval in May to only 70 percent approval in July.

Nazi Photo Stuns Americans - Hidden For Over 70 Years!
Nazi Photo Stuns Americans – Hidden For Over 70 Years!

“It’s telling us that Republicans and, to a lesser extent, independent voters in New York are not happy with the new role of New York’s senior senator as Senate minority leader,” explained Siena pollster Steven Greenberg. “He is the face of the Democratic party in many places.”

Though Schumer still beat Trump in approval ratings among New Yorkers, the same cannot be said on the national level, as was revealed in June by a Zogby Analytics poll, according to the Washington Examiner.

That poll showed that, nationwide, Trump had a higher approval rating than Schumer, 41 percent to 33 percent.

Chuck Schumer may have thought that playing the obstinate opponent to everything the president does would play well with his base and bolster his popularity, but it appears to have instead backfired on him, as most people — even those who may not always agree with Trump’s agenda — are nevertheless tired of seeing next-to-nothing getting done in Washington, thanks in large part to Schumer’s obstructionist tactics.

The senior New York senator most likely didn’t want to hear this news from voters in his own state, but he has nobody to blame but himself for his slipping poll numbers.

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