If Al Franken Can Do IT, So Can Kidd Rock

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    While the rap/rock star certainly has a non-traditional political background, his campaign website, yard signs and first policy statement seem to be resonating with the people of Michigan. Rock is beginning to behave like a real candidate.

    He is Scaring Ultra Liberal Elizabeth Warren.

    Last week, Elizabeth Warren and Chuck Schumer both sent emails to their supporters and donors warning of a potential Senator Rock. In an ominous email, Warren declares Rock the new Donald Trump:

    Schumer was a vocal supporter of comedian, provocateur and current Democrat Senator Al Franken. Franken, who was a writer and comedian on “Saturday Night Live” for decades, became a U.S. senator in 2008 in spite of some very sordid professional activity in his career as an entertainer.

    Franken personally participated in and wrote episodes of SNL that are shocking and offensive.

    Here is an episode where Franken describes Ronald Reagan’s prostate:

    Franken, culturally appropriating and showing his buttocks.

    Franken, encouraging smoking:

    Franken, normalizing and enforcing derogatory cultural stereotypes:

    Franken, reading a “letter” from O.J. Simpson, who was once tried for murder.

    Franken, speaking with ‘Michael Jackson,’ who had been accused of child sexual abuse.

    Franken, making jokes about the female anatomy.

    Franken, hanging out with drug and alcohol addict John Belushi.

    Franken, admitting he did drugs.

    Franken did a voiceover for this segment on SNL, advertising The Love Toilet.

    Franken, participating in the War on Women:

    Franken, practicing white privilege.

    Franken, getting a hug from a known tax cheat.

    Franken, laughing alongside accused racist Jeff Sessions.

    Franken, smiling alongside a socialist.

    Franken, cavorting with someone under federal investigation.

    Franken, colluding with Russia?

    Yet, in spite of all this, who got to become a U.S. Senator?


    I suppose the moral of the story, especially in an America where Donald Trump is president, is that Americans want what they want. One party’s clown is another party’s champion. So whether Kid Rock runs or not is really up to the people of Michigan and not some Ultra Liberals from New York, California and Boston.