Trump cancels Obama’s special immigration program for foreign entrepreneurs

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    The Trump administration put a hold Monday on an Obama-era policy that was designed to encourage foreign entrepreneurs to settle in the U.S. to build their companies, saying immigration officials are already overwhelmed with more important work.

    It’s the latest of President Obama’s executive actions on immigration to be unwound by President Trump, and it comes a week before the new policy was to take effect.

    Under the now-delayed program, foreigners who were trying to build or invest in startup companies were to be granted “parole” into the U.S., which is special permission to be here with legal status and a work permit — and a potential chance at eventual citizenship.

    The Obama administration had called the parole another use of discretionary authority.

    Mr. Trump, though, has been skeptical of those grants of discretionary power, and ordered his Homeland Security Department to revoke areas where his predecessor was too generous.

    In a notice Monday, the department said it was delaying the rule until March 2018, and would likely cancel it altogether.

    The department said U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the agency responsible for granting legal immigration benefits such as business visas, tentative deportation amnesties and work permits, is already overwhelmed with those duties and can’t spare time to hire and train officers for the entrepreneur parole program.

    “Those resources are otherwise needed for USCIS to effectively and efficiently carry out its many existing immigration benefit programs facilitating lawful migration into United States,” the department said.

    Obama officials had predicted about 3,000 entrepreneurs would be eligible each year for parole.

    The level of investment was fairly low — just 10 percent of companies with as little as $250,000 in capital would have been enough to qualify. Startups had to show they created at least five jobs in order for investors to get a renewal of their parole.

    Immigrant-rights groups complained that the Trump administration was being short-sighted.

    “This is unquestionably a setback for the United States in the global race for talent - we should be encouraging innovators to bring their new ideas, expertise, and unique skills to our country, rather than incentivizing them to put their talents to work for our competitors abroad,” said Todd Schulte, president of, an immigration advocacy group powered by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

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    We have enough East Indian Donut Shop entrepreneurs already.

    Zuckerberg has gone full Soros in my book. Anything he wants, I'm against.

    It would seem that those people know how to work hard, provide jobs and make a life for themselves. As opposed to those lazy bums laying around waiting for their next welfare check???

    Merry Christmas!!!! WE LOVE YOU MR TRUMP!!! Go ahead and shrink that department along with many others. At least 75% of immigration officials should be focused on removing those here illegally.....

    Hey, maybe you should spend some time in a war zone or refugee camp, heavily laden with starvation, poverty, disease and death before you make your cheery little pronouncements there, glynda. Or maybe live in an area of a city over-run by drug cartels and your kids could be stabbed or shot any moment of any day. You are only in the US by a lucky accident of birth.

    I vote we should give you a ticket to the war zone and watch women being raped and killed by islamists...

    Wow - you are unbelievably ignorant. Do you really think that every refugee is a rapist? Kind of like when Germans agreed with the Jews being rounded up and thrown in the camps because their leader convinced them that they were ALL evil. YOU are evil.

    "LUCKY ACCIDENT" is just the BS code from the left wing people. I would suggest we reinstate the draft and shape up the young men who were born here. Perhaps you were born in China by a lucky accident or even Mongolia so you could better enjoy the outdoors. Your karma plays out wherever you live

    Empathy isn't one of our strong points.

    Nothing to brag about, my friend. Unless it is just an observation on your part. To me, it is a sickening display of ignorance and privilege.

    Not bragging, just making a point. Republicans tend to not be empathetic.

    Right you are. It still doesn't hurt to point out to people how little they know about other people's lives.

    A department I would lie to see shrunk into oblivion it the Department of State. At least the division that is so dead set on diluting the population of our nation with million and millions of immigrants from all over the globe. Most of whom are recipients of our tax dollars because the bring nothing to add to our society.

    AMEN...I believe Mr. Tillerson is doing a bang up job on reducing the size of the State Department......I'm hearing reports of empty offices, packed boxes in hallways, etc. I LOVE IT! It's feeling like Christmas everyday!!!

    Excuse me? They bring nothing to add to our amazingly fantastic, beautiful racist and xenophobic U.S.? With our guns and our violence and our hatred of anything other? Makes me sick.

    Oh, you precious, delicate child!

    You must be one of those shoot first, think later types the U.S. is known for - as the country shrinks on the world stage, and no one gives a crap about America, as they are starting to - all you will have is your previous weapon while not being able to breathe the air or drink the water. So good luck, Zeke. I am a dual citizen, so will be moving back to Canada. Thank god.

    Excellent! Cancel it--- Americans are sick of immigrant scams for Visas. There's plenty of small American business owners who need support from our government. Whatever's available should only go to them.

    I disagree with the sentiment of "government help". But, as an immigrant myself, I saw this EB-5 has been completely abused by the democrats to fund overpriced construction project to pay the labor unions.

    Democrats are always figuring out ways to profit from our immigration system....either through fees which become walking around money for nigtards....or by increased voter rolls....There is always some kind of angle with these bas****s.

    Don't think for one second though that the right hasn't figured out how they can profit from it. Both side of the isle have their own interest. You just have to figure out which one will give the most back to the tax payers.

    NOOOOOO!!!....Small American business owners do not need support from the Govt. either....That is what distorts the markets & creates Fascism, i.e an unholy alliance between Govt. & private enterprise....Let companies sink or swim on their own!!

    "an immigration advocacy group powered by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg."

    Now I'm sure I'm against it !

    Islamic terrorism doesn't qualify there Barry so yeah 45 is canceling your little scheme.

    Another stupid O era program stopped! It should've been called the "buy your way in" program.


    Just part of the globalization program initiated by Obama. Open the borders, change the immigration laws to allow the Zuckerbergs, and Bezos cheap labor with a little California PG&E and Disney thrown in, implement catch and release, break down national sovereignty through endorsing lawlessness, exploit national guilt to balkanize the nation by gender, gender identity, race, religion, class and culture, have the courts adjudicate social justice that place foreign national privilege over U.S. citizen rights and go outside the U.S. to apologize and attack our nation so he can enhance his international connections and investments. An Alinsky process, Soros funded destruction of U.S. sovereignty leading to a elitist/socialist style globalization.

    I'm so proud of my President !

    MAGA !

    Bump, bump, bump, another one bites the dust. MAGA

    Oh yeah? How great do you think the rest of the world feels about us now?????

    Hey, we don't owe the world a living, you know! Let all those foreign "entrepreneurs" start companies in their OWN countries, for their OWN people, with their OWN money!

    Probably respect, for being a little less round-heeled than we've been.

    Funny! Thanks for the smile, Stanley1.

    the rest of the world has hated us for decades now... this move might actually improve our standing

    I don't care what they think about it, this isn't the rest of the F***ing world, AMERICA FIRST !

    Shut up Zuckerberg... if President Trump gave all immigrants a million dollars you would still complain. #MAGA

    For Obonzo, a MUSLIM creating a TERROR CELL is considered an entrepreneur.

    What a stupid comment by a low level thinker.

    No, BorderGuard has awareness. To which your response will surely be "What's that?"

    I'm all for this stuff, but I have a bad feeling the next Democrat President is just going to put it all back in place two-fold.

    That's why the Congress should pass the appropriate legislation.

    They appear to be too busy figuring out how to convince voters that they repealed Obamacare without actually doing anything.

    Let us American voters make sure that there isn't another Democratic president, unless he (or she) is a devout patriot who puts America first and foremost. May all future leaders of this country harbor that devotion while always a humanitarian feeling for others in need.

    You mean like our last president?

    No, you've made a category error: Malignant narcissists don't have a humanitarian feeling for anyone besides themselves.

    you bet they will -

    It is wise to work with what we got vs continuing to make Americans suffer while importing jobs and their community to our country and trying to make Americans assimilate to the foreigners vs the other way around. Why don't we promote from within.

    the libs will continue to foam at the mouth. it gets worse for them everyday. Don't worry only 3.5 years left. I am so happy that Obama has been dismantled and legacy has been dissolved. We just need the GOP to get their act together concerning Obamacare. Oh! John McCain please retire. SO sick of you as well

    Well, 3.5 years left before they lose another election !

    Great, Thanks Mr. President. MAGA.

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