Trump seizes moral high ground in Charlie Gard case

Trump seizes moral high ground in Charlie Gard case

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TIGHTSQUEEZE, Va. — The secret to President Trump’s remarkable outsider success is his fearless willingness to walk into the most politically fraught situations, redefine every long-held prejudice and seize the moral high ground by embracing the simplest truth.

Take little baby Charlie Gard of the United Kingdom.

The infant lies dying in a government-run hospital ward and the death panels have declared that no more shall be done to save his life.

His parents want to move heaven and earth to save their child, who doctors say has brain damage after being diagnosed with infantile-onset encephalomyopathic mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome.

A professor who testified before the U.K.’s highest death panel said the little boy’s brain, muscle and breathing ability are “severely affected,” leaving him with congenital deafness and severe epilepsy.

Charlie’s parents want to bring their child to the U.S. for experimental treatment.

But the U.K.’s top death panel has been affirmed by the so-called “European Court of Human Rights,” which is apparently some kind of international death panel that convenes in Strasbourg, France, but reserves the right to sentence children everywhere to die. (Somewhere, George Orwell is slapping his palm to his forehead for not concocting such a sinister Overlord on his own.)

In walks a swashbuckling Donald Trump, like a weary American soldier who has crossed the beaches of Normandy to once again bring a glimmer of moral hope to our lost cousins.

“If we can help little #CharlieGard, as per our friends in the U.K. and the Pope, we would be delighted to do so,” the president tweeted.

This, of course, set off yet another frenzy of controversy over presidential tweeting, the politics of abortion and, of course, just how much authority we Americans, here on Independence Day, wish to give our federal government the power to convene its own death panels.

It may be too late to save our cousins from their own suicide by death panel — but there still may be time to save America.

We have beaten unlikelier odds before.

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This isn't the first time President Trump has come to the aid of a child in need. This is not a new deal, he does this. It is part of what he is; he has so much, and he gives so much. Hussein wouldn't even lift a finger, much less provide a sound bite, but Trump will get the child here for whatever God has planned for him. He will also provide for the parents to stay with their baby until whatever God decides happens. They won't have to worry about a bed or food, nor any bills. That is what having an American in a position to really help can do. This is what makes our President a good man.

Charlie Gard is the man!

Conservatives are fine with death panels if they're privately owned and only answer to shareholders.

Really? Give us an example.

People say I'm the most moral person there ever was. I have the best morals. Believe me.

What "people" your imaginary friends?

Sometimes it is the kindest thing to let a baby die. All the courts, both British and European, have agreed it's true in this case. Trump's intervention is misplaced and harmful.

When it is YOUR baby, will you just let him die? Probably, you are a prog so conscience and emotion are foreign. Remember, someday you may well be in the position to have a blind, uncaring court gavel down on a death panel demand that YOU be left for dead. And I'm not talking in your elder years, you can be incapacitated at any time. Think about YOUR life when you still have dozens of years to live, you willing to die to save the god government some bank?

Yes, sometimes it is the kindest thing. However most times that decision is made after all possibilities are exhausted by the people who the love child the most...his parents. Not some fascist governmental death panel, not some bureaucratic bean counters, not some agenda driven atheists.

Trump is right, the Pope is right, and all of the rest of us who stand with Charlie Gard and his parents are right. And the British and European courts who support the death culture imposed by the iron fist of government are wrong. It's as simple as that.

I love this because it shows the hypocrisy of both the christacrats, who claim to be republicans, and want to ban abortions while they also want to spend less money for the health care and welfare of the resulting unwanted children,, (No, there would not be a loving family waiting to adopt all those children without needing welfare or taxpayer funded health care because there are already over 100,000 adoption eligible at birth children aging out of foster care because the white christacrats overwhelmingly only adopt the healthy clean white babies and refuse the rest.) AND the communists, socialists, Marxists and progressive who call themselves democrats that are demanding to institute EXACTLY the same kind of health care system here in the USA.
Single Payer health care is NOT about making sure everyone has access to world class health care. It is about making sure that no one gets better than the 2nd world health care that the government is willing to pay for.
The parents turned to charity to raise the money to pay for the child's health care and the UK GOVERNMENT REFUSES to let them pay for it because that would violate the principle of no one getting better care that anyone else. Bear in mind though that, the 1.7 M$ they have would only last about 10 days here in the USA and then they would turn to the American Taxpayers to keep paying the bills.
The second black eye for the "single payer" people is that this CLEARLY shows how single payer saves money. The young and the old and especially the disabled that are young or old don't even get the same care everyone else gets. They get reduced care because keeping them alive costs too much. It is RATIONING!!!!!

Get a blog, save your personal idiocy for your the imagination. We aren't interested in your PAID political ad for Communism. You want single payer, move to Europe, while they still have anything left after making everything FREE.

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