SALON Refers to Self Defense As “BULLYING”

    Fox News is gleefully egging on Donald Trump’s bullying of CNN

    In an Orwellian time period in history. The Fake News Media has no problem calling UP, “down”…calling Right, “left” and in general, referring to things as the polar opposite of what they are in reality.  This is painfully evident in the usage of the word “Bully” when describing President Trump.

    In a SALON article entitled:

    Fox News is gleefully egging on Donald Trump’s bullying of CNN

    they refer to Trump labeling CNN as Fraud, and Fox’s proposing to have a contest to come up with different names for the network, befitting of the situation as BULLYING”.  Most adults are aware though that CNN is simply on the losing end of a fight that THEY picked with TRUMP and not the other way around.

    When you have people in your network who regularly say defamatory things about the President, and call a play which encourages violence against the President a Masterpiece, and when you have people in your network who Hold up effigies of the severed Head of the President….you kinda lose your ability to WHINE and CRY if you get hit back.  The liberal media does not stop though.  They continuously try to spin themselves as a victim and Trump as the EVIL perpetrator with arrogance so brazen that it would be shocking were it not from the same people who insisted Hillary Clinton would win the election with such certainty that they had Magazines PRE PRINTED with MADAM PRESIDENT ON IT and released prior to the election.