Yet another terror attack in London.

Another day, another group of stabbings and mayhem in London, England. This is becoming a regular occurrence in England ever since they have allowed mass immigration of Muslim foreigners into the country.  Here in the United States we have a President’s who has attempted to keep us safe from this type of violence and terrorism. President Trump has proposed an immigration ban from several different countries that historically have shown themselves to be hotbeds of terrorist activity.

The remaining liberals in power, in the halls of justice around the country however have something different planned for our country. They want to allow this type of violence and mayhem to occur in the cities of the United States. To effect this, they have blocked President Trump’s efforts to keep terrorists out of the country by managing to block the executive orders that he has issued in this area.
It is now up to the Supreme Court of the United States to make the final determination. The President has the authority to ban any person or class of persons if he feels is detrimental to our National Security. Liberal judges however, feel that it is incumbent on them to block these orders to de-legitimize President Trump and to placate democratic voters who are upset that Trump won the election.
They are playing games with the safety of our nation. National Security is not a game.

We pray that the Supreme Court rules in the favor of President Trump. What is happening in Europe will surely come here if he is not able to implement some serious rules for who gets in our country. We stand with you President Trump! We recognize that you are attempting to keep us safe and we appreciate it. We will be monitoring the situation and hoping for the best.

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