There is an article today posted on the Internet which is entitled:

“President Donald Trump continues to use tape to Keep His Tie Together”

These Articles are in the NEW YORK TIMES and THE BOSTON GLOBE, as well as other news outlets and gossip rags across the internet.

Upon looking at this article I realized that this article was of huge significance because it goes a long way to explaining why the people who like Donald Trump, like Donald Trump. I will explain these two things one at a time.

  1. Donald Trump has endeared himself to millions of his followers because even though he is a billionaire, he still has an aura of personability to the point where the voters feel that they can relate to him. President Obama tried as hard as he could to drive a wedge between him and the voters by saying that “he is a billionaire and that he does not have anything in common with you” and therefore he does not share your interests. Obama was totally unsuccessful in his efforts to drive a wedge in between him and his supporters but I will take this opportunity to explain why people feel that Trump can relate to them or vice versa.

Upon looking at this photograph of Trump leaving Air Force One, apparently a strong wind took hold of the president’s tie. In doing so it flipped his tie backwards to the point where you could see that there was scotch tape on the back side of his tie that was holding it together. Think about this: a billionaire who could afford a tie factory, repaired his Tie with scotch tape.

I can clearly state that this is something that I would do as well. If the fix for your tie is a simple as some scotch tape, why would you not do that? It shows a practical nature to Trump, and a pragmatic approach to problem-solving. These types of problem solving methods are typically employed by none other than….wait for it…. POOR people. The only difference being that poor people do it out of necessity and not out of any other reason. Obviously Trump could buy a new tie, but his approach to solving this problem shows that he thinks to a certain degree like the common man. THIS is why he is so relatable.

2. The second Thing significant about this article is just the mere fact that the news media would write an article about this.  It shows that the news media does not take him seriously. And will write anything no matter how miniscule to try to embarrass or harm his reputation.  Here he is the president of the United States, and they write an article about his tie, when in the course of a day, Trump does things far more significant than tape his tie back together. This is how you know that the media basically “has it in” for him. They will write anything that they can that they can spin negatively about the man. This further endears Trump in the minds of his voters because it’s very apparent that the elites are still attempting to sink him, and in turn trying to choose for us whom they think we should have to lead us. This is highly insulting to the common man. We chose Donald Trump and we stand beside that decision. We reject any efforts by the news media to change that.

In other words: I support Trump!

To the people who write this nonsense, I say keep it up. We appreciate it, because you prove our decision to be right every single day.