In a ridiculous legal determination by a federal appeals court, the court has determined that the travel suspension that was issued by Pres. Trump’s executive order will remain off. In effect what this does is it takes the power away from the president to determine national security issues and places it with the hands of the court. The only problem with this is that the court does not take responsibility whenever there are matters at hand of terrorism. The court does not then say: “okay if anything happens we’re responsible for
it”, so in effect what they’ve done is they’ve tied Pres. Trump’s hands and then if something happens they would blame him for the resulting events.

We are totally in uncharted territory. This makes absolutely no sense. These rulings are totally political and it is this type of action that is the reason why we needed Trump in the first place. No one cares about common sense anymore. Is strictly about party lines. This is the reason why you can go back in history and find that the people who are opposing Donald Trump right now, totally supported the position previously. This is because if the initiatives are their idea then its supportable, otherwise NO.
So now what? We end up with the Supreme Court. And we have to hope that the Supreme Court is not politicized to the same degree that the lower courts have shown that they are. And unfortunately with justice Ruth Ginsburg in place, we already know how she feels about Donald Trump, and any ruling that she gives with respect to Trump is going to be suspect.

Donald Trump is simply attempting to use his common sense to protect the United States of America. There are millions of Americans who agree with him. It should not be up to politics to determine whether or not the president has the authority to do the things that The office has always had the authority to do. This is why this is so crazy. The other countries must really be looking at us and laughing at this point because it would be obvious from their standpoint that Trump is in the right, but with such disarray in the country right now, now would most certainly be the best time to strike us because we’re so divided. But the only good thing out of this is that Trump has basically cemented his position in the sense that if anything were to happen now it would only strengthen him, because he has totally attempted to try and protect us. We support you President Trump. Were with you all the way.