Federal Judge Stays Trump’s Immigration order

Federal Judge Stays Trump’s Immigration order


For those that have not yet heard, a Federal Judge in Washington has placed a TEMPORARY Stay on the execution of Trump’s Executive order issued only One week prior, which suspended Immigration Temporarily, from 7 countries in the East. The plan was simple, protect the American People by creating a system to only allow admission to people who come to the United States with GOOD intentions and people that will positively add to our society. In the interim, while the system
Is being designed and implemented, all immigration will be halted for 90 days while we set it up.

Liberals, have lost their minds. They have attempted, as they did during the campaign, to obstruct The executive order, calling it every kind of -ist, -ism, or -phobia that they can articulate in front of A camera and a microphone. This type of nonsense typically should NOT work in a court of law, but Somehow even Judges get caught up in emotions and nonsense when enough people act out and it Seems that the ONLY thing that is an antidote for it is DEAD BODIES in the USA. Yes, it has been 16 years Since The Sept 11 attacks and a HUGE portion of the protestors are TOO YOUNG to remember about them
And have never seen anything happen on US SOIL. Add to that people who are upset that their party Lost the last election miserably and you have yourself an insurrection.

The Trump Administration has launched a defense of the order and fully expects that the order will Be overturned soon, but possibly not before a fight before the US Supreme Court.

The only question that remains is whether or not the Enemies of the US are taking advantage of the Infighting that Liberals have visited upon us to do us harm in the process.

WE ARE WITH YOU TRUMP! Keep on Doing what you are doing!