Why Choose Trump?

Why Choose Trump?


If you Look at the Candidates, The Choice is Clear.

Only One Candidate has the *INTENTION*  to do anything concrete for America’ let alone the Skillset.

Hillary Clinton’s Success lies in BECOMING President  (To Hillary, Attaining the Presidency is tantamount to Success)  Hillary Clinton’s Theme is “Im with HER”. Notice the focus on “HER”. Its for Personal Reasons, her approach will not change the country for the better in any shape, form or fashion. She is and will be *YET* another stage managed, poll driven Politician. Same thing, this time in a DRESS.

Trump Success lies in “Making America Great AGAIN”  (To Trump…winning the Presidency is the mere *vehicle* to Making the Country Great again… and only the End Result of Fixing the Country is Success in his eyes!) Trump is the antithesis of this, Far from being “stage managed”, His appeal lies in *Getting Results* and this is readily apparent by how he has waged his campaign on a “Shoestring” budget while defeating 16 opponents! (whereas Hillary spent 10 times what Trump spent and barely beat 1 person)

So when choosing who to vote for, for President, Consider this:
Trump has outlined what his GOAL is and he speaks about it all the time
in his speeches, Trump wants to Make America Great Again!


For Hillary, If you just want to help her to be (The FIRST WOMAN) to be President.  Then You are “WITH HER”