DNC Panders to ILLEGALS- Calls them “DREAMERS”


The Democratic Party opened its convention today with a standard tactic.  Pandering to Illegal immigrants.  One of the major sticking points between the two parties is and has been, the rule of Law in the United States and how to handle Illegal Immigrants.  The GOP electorate largely favors the rule of Law and Deporting people who break the law, while the Democrats largely favor allowing people who break the law to stay and vote Democrat.  This is what they call progress.  Hillary Clinton had an American Born Child of Illegals to speak (If you want to call struggling to read a speech from a teleprompter  in English, speaking) in hopes that the child would SHAME you into changing your attitude about the law in this country.  Its not a clever tactic and it is EXACTLY the reason for the popularity of TRUMP.  Meanwhile the democrats are furiously working behind the scenes to fix it so that Illegal immigrants can vote so that I will give them an edge in the election.  Hillary needs ONE ISSUE VOTERS  such as these who would care more about their own problems than all the lies and corruption that Hillary would foist upon the American people.

Pass this message on and STOP THIS NONSENSE!!  Its NOT Legal OR Moral for the Clinton to stack the deck in her favor but she is NOT above doing whatever is necessary to achieve her goals…as can be seen how she CHEATED Bernie Sanders out of the nomination.