Trump is a RACIST….or so we have HEARD from all corners of the media. At this point it goes totally unchallenged when someone hurls this epitaph at Trump; and as evidence for it, they use his support for the rule-of-law, namely by enforcing laws that are on the books with regard to immigration.

Trump merely wants the law…FOLLOWED

For any logical thinking person this is OBVIOUSLY not evidence of racism…only evidence that he wants the law followed.

Lets look at another situation. Today, as reported in the NEW YORK TIMES

Hillary Clinton addressed a largely Black Audience and the preliminary speakers bemoaned that in January of 2017 a WHITE PERSON would be replacing a BLACK MAN as president. Here is a quote from the NYT”

“The gathering was somber this year, as Mr. Sharpton and other keynote speakers bemoaned that in January a white president will be inaugurated to replace the nation’s first black president. “It’s going to be a real hard day for us,” said Angela Rye, chief executive of the consulting firm Impact Strategies, who spoke before Mrs. Clinton.”

The article continued on and breezed right past that as if the speaker had merely said “hello.”

You dont need to IMAGINE the result had TRUMP or ANY TRUMP SUPPORTER said…


The 24 hour news cycle would go into HYPERDRIVE from all the PUNDITS and ARTICLES that would try to get some mileage out of calling TRUMP or his SUPPORTERS RACISTS…

Why has no one (rightly) called ms Angela Rye a racist..or HILLARY CLINTON for that matter who FAILED TO CORRECT the crowd…as TRUMP has been excoriated for NOT doing.

Oh You dont think that makes Clinton a racist? Well how about THIS!

Oh You dont think that makes Clinton a racist? Well how about THIS:  Days ago Hillary Clinton and Governor Cuomo made a joke about “C.P. Time”

Making reference to Colored Peoples Time with the “joke” being that blacks are always late to the point where they have their own schedule which is aptly named Colored Peoples Time.   And in 2016, HILLARY was part of this Scripted joke and knew FULL WELL what was being said ahead of time about black and/or Colored People.

Guess What Happened?

If you guessed that the Media DID NOT fall all over themselves calling Clinton a racist…YOU WOULD BE CORRECT!

Imagine if TRUMP joked about C.P. TIME….. The media would react so quickly that you would swear that they found MASS GRAVES of black people and that they had video evidence of Trump himself shooting down black babies and dumping them there.

Trumps Supporters are pegged as racists just by the mere act of choosing Trump as their candidate..

Trumps Supporters are pegged as racists just by the mere act of choosing Trump as their candidate..

Could it be that claims of RACISM are merely just Tools to shame and browbeat and manipulate people into doing what the media (and by extension the owners of that media) want done?

Could it be that this in-fact is EXACTLY what is FUELING the TRUMP ROCKETSHIP because they see TRUMP as battling this EXACT form of media manipulation by telling the media where they can stick it?

Trevor Noah (The Un-Funny Comedy Central Hack) asks in his monologue Why Clinton would do this type of (joke) The very Question though had an insidious implication.  Why could it not be the “OBVIOUS ANSWER”  Why couldnt Noah’s small mind conclude that a democrat could be racist.  The question itself implied that the answer could not be that Hillary is racist–even though that would have been the EXACT conclusion if Trump had done it)

Noah continued by saying basically she should shut up so that she can win…in other words..if shes a racist its ok… just be discreet.

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