Its been a “bad” week.  At least according to President Obama.  The country has had a rash of killings by police officers and the week was capped off with a retaliatory shooting of 12 police officers with 5 of them ending up dead. Yet and still this was not the entire picture.  More violence ensued in several parts of the country and all this caused Obama to have to cut short his trip to Poland, in order to deal with the mess back home.

The usual melee’ has ensued.  Gun Control Advocates jumping in the mix, Black Lives Matter protesting, Political Posturing along the entire spectrum of parties and the news media having a field day trotting out “experts” to tell you a bunch of irrelevant information in a way to make you feel like you matter to them.

Its a drill that is happening so often that we are becoming used to it…. And the frequency is INCREASING.

The frequency is increasing

In other words, our country is rapidly decaying, no matter WHAT the President would have you believe.  Race relations are getting WORSE.  Violence is increasing.  Offenders are getting YOUNGER and YOUNGER and we are having to deal with Threats from terrorists as well.

Trump has a message for you Americans though.  Help is on the way.  Trump is a STRONG man, a STERN man and very RESOLUTE.  His message is CLEAR.  Once he is President, we WILL have LAW and ORDER restored.

No more of this “protesting” which is really just anti-government people LOOTING and BURNING.  Trump knows the difference between legitimate protestors and Criminals.  He will Support the former and DEFEAT the latter.  There is no other candidate who will restore the US back to law and order.  Obama and Clinton?  They are the ones who GOT us OBVIOUSLY they cant fix it.

Ignore the propaganda from the Clinton News Network (CNN) Ignore the Washington Poop (Washington Post) Their agenda is painfully Obvious…STOP TRUMP AT ANY COST! (Whatever happened to reporting the NEWS?)

The LGBT Community Knows Trump will keep them safe

After the massacre in the Pulse Nightclub, the LGBT community is even acknowledging that TRUMP is needed to protect them and keep them safe, while Clinton and Obama cant even admit that it was an Islamic Terrorist that massacred them.

So If you are tired of seeing the Violence, Unrest, Carnage and Foolishness every night.  Put someone in place in the White House who knows how to deal with it and will take the necessary steps to handle it.

Vote TRUMP 2016!!