Trump is not even the President yet, and he has already begun to Make America Great Again.

The Supreme court Rules

In a major ruling, the Supreme Court failed to overturn a lower court decision which ruled Obama’s Executive order UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Obama’s order basically legalized and offered up taxpayer resources to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, something NO TRUE AMERICAN would want.

The US has plenty of struggling families and veterans to deal with but the President would give away resources that would assist our citizens to people of other countries? This makes not an ounce of sense.

The Antidote

There is One who boldly celebrated the decision though: Our next President, Donald Trump.  Trump welcomed the ruling and has plans to deport the illegal immigrants starting next year. Furthermore, his aim is to reclaim taxpayer funds to assist the people who they were intended for, US Citizens, in their Security, Safety and Prosperity!  Who does not want those three things?


Go Trump Go!