As We Predicted, Trump Swept the primaries of April 26, 2016, which included Maryland, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Delaware and Connecticut!  This cements his status as the CHOICE of the VOTERS for the Republican Presidential Nomination.

We can now get comfortable…RIGHT?? Unfortunately the answer to that is NO.  Cruz and Kasich (and their BACKERS) have more tricks up their sleeve.  If you have not yet noticed…this is no ORDINARY election.  It would have been had Trump not entered the race, but he did, and his presence has pulled the cover off of everyone and everything in the process and we have discovered much.

  • We have discovered just how rigged the process is.
  • We have discovered how the media lies
  • We have discovered that the Candidates are purchased commodities
  • We have discovered the tactics that have been used to divide us and conquer us for decades
  • And Most of all we can see how Political Correctness has destroyed our nation.

For this, we OWE TRUMP a debt of gratitude.  For ourselves, we now have the responsibility to fix these problems; and the best way to do it is to set in place a leader with the ability, determination and WILL to do it.

It goes without saying that that is Donald J. Trump.

It is now being noted in polls that Trump has hit 50% support Nationally, and people are warming up to his candidacy that have previously not been willing to do so.  He will beat whatever opponent he faces, because he has OUR backing and we are what counts.  So not only is a congratulations due to TRUMP, but YOU (yes YOU) as well for being a TRUMP SUPPORTER.  Thank You so very much!  You are a GREAT AMERICAN!  You should be PROUD!  Our best days are ahead of us and its because of YOUR Spirit!

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