Rafael Cruz…The ever so sleazy politician.  Made a dirty deal with the lame Governor of Ohio that should make us all hang our heads in shame.

Since neither Cruz or Kasich can win HONESTLY (with votes) they have made a deal to try to get their voters to ban together for the express purpose of Stopping THE WILL OF THE VOTERS….Notice that I did not say that they were trying to stop TRUMP.

Notice that I did not say that they were trying to stop TRUMP.

They arent.  Trump is not winning a BOXING match where we are merely in the audience to “cheer him on”.  Trump is winning VOTING CONTESTS and the PEOPLE ARE WINNING because they “supposedly” are getting who THEY WANT to be their LEADER.  The man for whom we are voting is Donald J. Trump.  What is the difference?  The difference is that Cruz and Kasich are not making a deal and cheating TRUMP..they are CHEATING US!  The VOTERS.  All the while they are talking about Trump and saying that HE is the one who is doing dirty.  How sleazy can you get?!?

Cruz continues by claiming Trump Fears him and that Trump does not have the support of the people.  Can this get any more insane?!  A man losing BADLY to Trump is claiming that the man who gets the most votes is not wanted…and HE (who hasnt come close) IS!  Kinda reminds you of when a guy’s girlfriend walks off with another guy and then he proclaims that the girl really wants HIM!  Is there any length to which these sleazy politicians will not go?  Do they ever learn?  Don’t Bet on it.

This situation is becoming critical.  For US not Trump.

If Trump Loses he goes back to being a Billionaire.  If We LOSE we lose our Country pretty much forever.  We have to go FULL TILT to help Trump to Win this election!  No way can we have these selfish, sleazy establishment politicians running our country!

Forward these articles to EVERYONE!!! and tell them to signup here to assist Trump to WIN THIS ELECTION!

Go TRUMP 2016