After Getting Shut-Out Cruz Claims Trump Fears Him!

After Getting Shut-Out Cruz Claims Trump Fears Him!


Were his nickname not Lyin’ Ted Cruz

Were he NOT a politician

Were he not so terribly arrogant….

We might be surprised by the latest spin coming out of the Cruz Campaign.  Cruz now claims after taking exactly ZERO (0) delegates from the VOTER DRIVEN primary in New York City that:  Trump is “desperate” and “scared” and has no plan.

This is why we hate politicians

Is this not EXACTLY why people don’t like politicians?!?  They are so full of nonsense.  Trump was not afraid of Cruz before!! but he REALLY has no reason to fear NOW.  The loss in NYC DESTROYED Cruz’s path to the nomination on the first ballot.  This places Cruz squarely in the position to not only lose the entire race but also be beaten over the head with HIS OWN WORDS that he used against John Kasich three weeks ago: “people who have no clear path to the nomination [mathematically] should Drop Out Of The Race”

No one expects Cruz to follow his OWN advice though…  Such is the nature of a Politician.  They will say ANYTHING but never keep to their word.

Another recent example of this happened during one of the debates when Cruz famously insulted all New Yorkers by declaring Trump had “NEW YORK VALUES”.   Needless to say the residents of New York were not happy with Cruz over that and despite his attempts to SPIN his comments to claim he was referring to Democrats, he paid a hefty price for his cheap shot at Trump.

We love Trump because he is who he is: Himself

We love Trump because he is who he is: Himself. The media loves to paint Trump as not polished or immature or any other code-word they can come up with to attempt to disqualify him from running; but to us, he resonates because he speaks the same language as we do, sees the same common sense answers that we see to our problems and furthermore has the will, history and expertise which shows that he can do what he says. Many Americans are truly tired of liars such as Cruz masquerading as our friend and then once elected, hanging us out to dry.  Cruz has gone so far as to claim to be an “outsider”; and any intelligent person knows that that just is not the case.   His lies, (and any politician’s) are repulsive to us because they are so obvious and subsequently insulting to our intelligence .

If there is anyone who is desperate at this stage of the game, its CRUZ and although we know that the lies are not going to cease, we just figured that we will set the record straight.

Go Trump!




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