Trump Takes NEW YORK!

Trump Takes NEW YORK!


Donald Trump STEAMROLLED his opponents in New York on Tuesday! Trump vanquished his rivals, making fools of all the naysayers, (namely the Washington Post) who made statements to the effect that New Yorkers Hate Trump. It is bewildering how someone so “hated” manages to be number 1 in the polls. It makes you wonder how Americans treat people that they DO like.

To be fair though…were the paymasters of the news media to give Trump a fair shake, the election would already be over. Trump has made it to this point IN SPITE OF his detractors…of which there are many. To quote a nameless source:

it seems everyone hates Trump but the VOTERS.

The Media, The Democrats, The Republicans, The Lobbyists, The Donors, and the people who take advantage of the generosity of the American Taxpayer (Illegal aliens, Fatcat Politicians, Evil Contractors, lobbyists..etc) All seem to hate him because they cannot control him and they KNOW that once he takes DC that their gravy Train is officially DERAILED!

Congratulations TRUMP! You Earned it!
We are with you All the way!!
Trump 2016