Trump Protesters Get Rowdy & Justice is Served!

Trump Protesters Get Rowdy & Justice is Served!


Some Trump Protesters got a literal taste of their own medicine when they got violent with Trump Supporters in Wisconsin.  As we often see, people are not content to leave Trump and his supporters in peace to assemble and meet.  They want to come and antagonize and disrupt the event.  Several young women came and got into a verbal altercation with an older man and then she claimed that he “touched her on her chest” which the man denied.  Her friends were attempting to calm her but she was relentless and hit the man in the head.  Within mere seconds a mystery Trump supporter PAINTED HER FACE ORANGE with PEPPER SPRAY!!! Needless to say…That calmed her right down.

Have a peek at the vid…its hilarious.   Go Trump 2016