Politically Correct Police Gunnin’ for Trump

Politically Correct Police Gunnin’ for Trump

Trump Correct Once Again...but Vilified by Feminists for Stance on Abortion.


Trump was using a definitive rule-of-law standard when he spoke on the consequences of having an illegal abortion on Wednesday night.  He (rightly) stated that the female seeking the abortion should be punished.  When is there ever a case where a person hires someone to kill another and only the “trigger-man” is implicated?  NEVER.  Yet, the feminist PC crowd was dancing a Jig.  NOW they can claim he HATES WOMEN and wants to see them PUNISHED!  They have subsequently trotted out any and every female commentator to feign outrage and try to whip women up into a frenzy in hopes that they can defeat Trump in the polls.

Only one problem…Trump was Correct

On what planet does a woman hire someone to kill her child Illegally (born or not) and she is not punished?  She AND the one she hired would be punished… But not to Modern Feminists… In their eyes, women can never do anything that is deserving of punishment.  That honor of being punished is left for men and men alone.

Trump is Accused of What the opposition does

Ironically enough these same feminists accuse Trump of espousing that women are not capable of making their own decisions…when precisely the opposite is true.  By saying that women should NOT be punished for their actions…(the feminist position), they are saying that women are incapable of making rational choices and should be spared.  Trump makes it CLEAR that women ARE intelligent…and they Must be held Responsible for their OWN actions and therefore punished for criminal acts.

Dont expect the “regular” media to point this out…you will only hear this on IsupportTrump.com because the media panders for advertising dollars and we do not; Similar to the way that Trump finances his own campaign..so he can be honest.

Its really unnerving to watch these women pretend as if they are helping society with their self righteous attitudes, acting as if  they know whats best for society….as it steadily declines year after year.   Trump deserves a medal for honestly saying what the creator would tell you if he were standing right in your face…but he will continue to face attacks until this battle is won and we restore America to Greatness, or we keep the present course and self destruct with the bomb of political correctness.

Go Trump!  We support you!