Biased Washington Post–Up to their Old TRICKS

Biased Washington Post–Up to their Old TRICKS


As noted last year on I Support; The Washington Post is totally Biased against Trump and does not even feel the need to attempt to LOOK impartial.  The frequency and tone of articles against Trump have been far more than anything written in support of him and it is beyond obvious that the Top Brass at WAPO have a vested interest in seeing Trump go down in flames.

its so blatant that the Washington Post even came out and SAID IT!

In a March 21st 2016 article written by Ruth Marcus (of the Washington Post) she writes: “Pause here, to give Trump credit for being willing to meet with people who have mercilessly attacked him. Not everyone would do that”

And similarly…also the same week, in an article entitled:
Donald Trump will (almost certainly) never be elected president. Here’s why.

they spew their latest venom at Trump. In the process they do their very best to try to disenfranchise the VOTERS who cast their votes, to let the world know that TRUMP represents them, and that they WANT Trump to represent them as President of the UNITED STATES.

We at call this behavior out for a number of reasons.

  1. To inform you that the news media is NOT about the job of reporting news.  It is about shaping your mind to believe whatever the elites (the people that own the Washington Post) want you to believe.
  2. To allow you the opportunity to make decisions for yourself.
  3. To be a counterbalance and bring out the truth, which is that Trump is an existential threat to Washington Elites and Politics-as-usual.

If the media was performing its job (properly), there would be no need for to exist.  However, as long as the (bought-and-paid-for) news media exists and spins stories against Trump, we will be here.

Help Trump to Help Us to Make America Great Again!  Vote Trump 2016!