Trump UNJUSTLY Blamed for Violence by Bernie Sanders Supporters!

Trump UNJUSTLY Blamed for Violence by Bernie Sanders Supporters!


Trump has been being attacked from all sides in the media the past several days. His rivals are trying to pounce,  along with all sectors of the news media, political pundits and anyone attempting to sink his campaign for the 2016 White House.

This time the attacks are with respect to his “rowdy” and “racist” supporters. They claim that Trump supporters are violent and create problems that require law enforcement to involve themselves.

The only problem that is that it’s totally ludicrous.  In an article published on NBC entitled  How Bernie Sanders Supporters Shut Down Donald Trump’s Rally in Chicago….

NBC News lays blame for the violent protests squarely on the feet of the supporters of BERNIE SANDERS.  And in an ideal world…because TRUMP is blamed for the actions of his supporters,  Sanders would also be held responsible for the actions of his.  Why is Sanders not being called out as a THUG for producing Violent and disruptive supporters who go out and create mayhem, causing arrests and events to be cancelled?

Trump supporters have not been seen going to Sanders or Clinton rallys to disrupt and protest.

Trump supporters have not once been seen going to a Sanders or Clinton rally to disrupt and protest.  The “freedom loving” and “tolerant”  Sanders and Clinton Supporters (as well as supporters of other GOP candidates) support Freedom of Speech, unless the Speeches are being made by Trump.  This they say must be silenced.  So they go to Trump Rallies and do juvenile things like chant and wave signs.  They shut off the lights and seek to taunt the people who happen to like Trump.  Can you imagine how the press would go wild and practically break the internet writing articles about the evil Trump supporters if they did such things?

The media is biased against Trump

In case you have not yet figured it out…the (paid for) news media does not want you to vote for Trump.  And they will do everything in their power to stop you… Only problem is….. too many of us are onto em’.  Vote Trump 2016!


Pass this on to every person on the internet that you know… Trump 2016!