Trump Sweeps All Twelve Debates


    The twelfth GOP Debate was anticipated to be a circus.  The positioning of the candidates going into the debate saw Trump far ahead of his nearest competitor, so much so that two of the candidates on the stage were on the verge of total collapse if not there already.  The people expecting a circus were sorely disappointed.  Jennifer Rubin, (the great Trump hater of the Washington Post) complained in her column of the lack of attacks against Trump.  If you are not attacking Trump, you are legitimizing him is the thought.  Consider him Legitimized.

    Consider Trump Legitimized!

    The Debate was excellent.  Trump showed a side that most people did not want to believe existed.  He was steady and direct and very cool.  He declined to attack when handed opportunities as did his opponents.  He was actually surprised by this, as much as everyone else, and remarked…”I can’t believe its so civil up here”.

    Trump has nothing to gain

    Trump is still the front-runner, as he has been for the last 8 months and has nothing to gain at this point.  He has shown himself to be a leader, not by begging, not by pandering, but by assuming the position of leader and having everyone chasing him.  Now is the time for the party to stop fighting and unite around him.

    Other candidates refuse to go quietly

    Rubio, Cruz and Kasich are not content to go with the will of the people.  Rubio is so hell bent on stopping Trump that he is going to drive his entire career into the ditch over it.  Cruz and Kasich are torpedoing themselves as well because they lack the support to win but are so selfish in their desire to be called Mr. President that they are willing to risk pulling the party down and handing the win to the Democrats in November.

    Ultimately Trump will prevail with OUR support!  Help Trump vanquish his opponents and lets Make America Great Again!