Trump Supporters: Not Who You Think

Trump Supporters: Not Who You Think


For months now, everyone disenfranchised by the rise of Donald Trump has tried to torpedo his candidacy.  One of the chief methods was to try to divide the people up by CLASS in order to conquer and redirect their support.  The propaganda went as follows:

Trump supporters are Old, White, Uneducated, Backwoods Rednecks.  (Obviously anyone who did not identify with this narrative would disavow Trump…RIGHT??)

The problem with this is that its just not True

The problem with the propaganda is that, not only is it NOT TRUE, but the ATTRACTION to Trump is so strong that it defies simplistic methods like this to conquer the electorate.

Here is the data:



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Looking at the numbers, its plain to see that trump has voters of all educational backgrounds supporting him.  This is because you have intelligent people at all levels of the spectrum and the common link is that they recognize the policies that Trump advocates are beneficial to our country.  We have watched the country slide further and further year after year all the while being told that we are on the right track.  Who are you going to believe, Them or your own eyes?

So do not believe the HYPE.  You now know that Trump has support amongst people of all educational backgrounds….Hows that for UNIFICATION?!?!?


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