Damn Those Pesky Republican VOTERS!!


    The GOP [Leadership] is going all out to STOP TRUMP!  But lets be realistic…its not Trump that they are stopping, its the people who have cast their votes for him.  The GOP would do better to say that they must STOP THE VOTERS because they dont like who the voter like.

    Take a look at the sheer volume of links below.  All of these articles with a SINGULAR THEME.  STOP TRUMP!  The true definition of a LEADER is one who LEADS.  Without ever setting foot in the White House, Trump *IS* leading.   ALL OTHERS are following and trying to get into the spot that he is in.    A graphic from the Debate shows that 60% of the conversation in the debates are about DONALD TRUMP.

    The conclusion is CLEAR

    The conclusion is clear. Trump is the Leader, a Natural Leader who has proven himself by being a leader as opposed to campaigning to be one.  No Slick politician (that has never done anything–never held a job–and only give applause lines) can usurp that title.

    Trump has the Will, the Means and the Determination to Make the USA Great Again.

    Have a click on the links below. and forward onto all your wonderful friends to help in this effort!.

    Go Trump 2016!

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