Ben Carson briefly eeked past the first stage of the Media Gauntlet 3 weeks ago when it was discovered that he lied about things in his Autobiography.  He played the “MEDIA” card by claiming that the Media was being unfair to him by asking him questions and attacking him, whereas they did not treat President Obama the same manner.  There was only one problem with his statement.  It wasnt TRUE!

    The treatment that Carson was recieving was the same that anyone and everyone gets when you are in the spot he is in, but the media backed off, albeit briefly so as not to be smacked in the face by any other cards such as the RACE card or the RELIGION card.

    Anyone with any sort of saavy is well away however that, although he had stalemated in that battle, the WAR was NOT won and was in fact, Just getting Started

    The media does not like being vilified, (certainly not unjustly) and this was just such a case.

    For sure, from now on they were going to be on him like a PIT BULL and next time they are not going to let go.

    Enter SNL.  They did a Satirical piece on his childhood as taken from Exerpts written in Carsons autobiography, and it was as funny as it was ridiculous that Carson would put it in his book.  From a failed Stabbing to his stance on gay people, nothing Carson has ever said was safe.  The end result was a total skewering of Carson and his autobiography and THIS time Carson has nothing to say about it…lest me make himself look even worse.

    The hit pieces are coming….almost daily now and they are increasing in frequency.  Carson will need an iron will to withstand it…and he is running out of “Cards” in his Deck.

    Trump is maintaining all the while…he is no stranger to media attention and therefore better equipped to handle it. Check out the vid and leave your comments.