8 Reasons to Doubt the Polls Indicating Trump is Losing

8 Reasons to Doubt the Polls Indicating Trump is Losing

Dont Believe the Hype!


Have you been seeing articles or hearing reports that Trump is DOWN IN THE POLLS? Are you a Trump Supporter? Has it been stressing you?  Are you feeling worried that the country is going to slide back into the muck in which it is been in for the last several decades?  Well Dont believe the HYPE!

Don’t Believe the Hype!

Why NOT you may ask? Is it DENIAL? Is it EGO? Is it just that the truth is too much to HANDLE? Not Hardly

I will outline the reasons WHY these particular articles are not to be believed.

  1. The polls totally contradict themselves
  2. The pundits are now desperate to rid themselves of TRUMP and have openly spoken and written about it.
  3. The pollsters are trying to create a self fulfilling prophecy
  4. The RNC is plotting against trump…OPENLY.
  5. The articles dont cite the poll itself…only the conclusions (see Pic)
  6. The information is within the Polls Margin of Error
  7. Opposing polls say the opposite
  8. People secretively Support Trump


Why do you believe the polls when they SUPPORT Trump you will hear the Naysayers Ask?

The answer is Very Simple!  Because the Media would not report Positive News for Trump that was not TRUE!!