Trump Remains the LONE “DO-ER” on a stage full of Talkers

Trump Remains the LONE “DO-ER” on a stage full of Talkers


The Fourth debate is over and this was one of the best ones yet. What made it good? Many ideas were presented which allowed for “real debate” and allowed the viewer to analyze and figure for themselves which positions they should support. It wasnt IDEAL, but it was an improvement over past debates. True to form Trump spoke of his signature issue, which was ILLEGAL immigration (NOT IMMIGRATION).
He made it clear that in order to be a nation…you have to have an enforceable border, and that anything less is a slap in the face to the people who spend the time, money and effort to immigrate to this country LEGALLY.

This is the stance of a TRUE LEADER. Why? because its the RIGHT answer, even though it may be UNPOPULAR, even though it may be DIFFICULT, even though it may be EXPENSIVE, It is NECESSARY to maintain the RULE of LAW in the USA.
Amnesty only encourages MORE ILLEGAL Immigration.
Amnesty breeds resentment from LEGAL Immigrants
Amnesty encourages other laws to be broken as well (with the idea that the end justifies the means)

Trump remains not only the SOLE candidate who will spearhead this issue by raising it….but the Sole candidate who can actually DO what needs to be done and build a wall.

Do not fall victim to the people who claim that
Its Impossible.
Its Racism
It will destroy the USA

What will destroy the USA is to keep going in this direction and leave Illegal immigration unchecked.

Support Trump in these efforts to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN