Trump WINS THIRD DEBATE – Straight from the People!

Trump WINS THIRD DEBATE – Straight from the People!


If you had any doubts who won the debate…who is the REAL judge? Is it the Candidates? Is it the political Pundits? Is it the Newspapers? How about getting information from the actual audience that the debates were intended for…..

When polls were taken from THREE different websites as to who was the “winner” of the Third debate, guess who came out on Top in all three Polls. You guessed it… DONALD TRUMP!

The public is getting tired of the Manipulative Mainstream Media…not TRUMP!

For days you have been hearing now that Rubio won…no wait Carson, Fiorina, Cruz… everybody but the man whom the media has been instructed to try to run out of the race by ANY MEANS NECESSARY. They say that the public is “wearing thin” on Trump and that he is going to quit. Its obvious though that its the MEDIA (that continues to try to SHAPE the public, as opposed to REPORT to the public) that the Public is growing tired of.

Trump is the BEST CANDIDATE in the race, hands down and the people have confirmed it. In the online polls from CNBC, TIME and The DRUDGE REPORT Trump was chosen as the winner by , 26% , 26% and 32% in each poll respectively.

Go and check for yourself…we dont promote blind support and you should not be a blind supporter. Trump is the real deal, Eyes WIDE Open. See the links below:


Online polls: Trump won third GOP debate