Washington Post BIASED against Trump

Washington Post BIASED against Trump

The Washington Post has Trump in its sites

All Washington post Articles are “Hit-Pieces” designed to take out Donald Trump

Seen any articles lately on Donald Trump?  Chances are, some of them have been written by “journalists” at the Washington Post.  What do the articles written by these specific writers have in common?  They *ALL* espouse negative ideas, thoughts and ill will against Donald Trump.  Have a look at some of the articles linked to below.  You will surely see that the publishers seem to have a VENDETTA to rid the world of Mr. Trump’s Presidential Candidacy.  At ISUPPORTTRUMP.com  We NAME NAMES and Back up what we say.

Look at a few of the links below and you will see that the Washington Post is not REPORTING the news…they are attempting to create it.

A sampling of articles linked Below:


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Donald Trump is either launching a new, even-Trumpier campaign, or he’s self-sabotaging